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Photo Gallery

18th Century Age of Piracy 18th Century Age of Piracy Pirate Brigantine 205721616 Pirates manning bow-chaser cannon 205721615 18th Century Ship 205721617 British Sailing Ship 18th Century note British Grenadiers aboard 205721618 French 18th Century Brigantine 205721619 Full view of scratch built ship by Joe Carvalho 205721620 French and British ships trade broadsides 205721621 Deck of French Ship 205721622 another detail of the ship note teh planking (coffee stirrers) all parts of the ship were made from scrap wood, bass wood, balsa, dowels, bamboo skewers, The figures are from Old Glory 28mm; and Blood and Plunder mfg. all metal cannon are from Blood and Plunder. 205721623