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The townsfolk of this Bordertown sure wish they could just be left alone.....{Music: "Another High Noon," by Joe Carvalho}

It's never a good day when "El Chaco" and his men come to town

Both Anglo and Mexican townfolk are more than a little nervous when "El Chaco" comes to collect his "taxes"

...the wrong word..or the wrong glance could set these banditos most folks stay out of sight....

A brave few challenge Chaco's ruffians...of course, that just infuriates these Banditos....

Badges? ...BADGES???????????We don't need no Stinking BADGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chaco's men are quick on the draw

The townsfolk and the sheriff's deputies are no match for these professional killers

Resistance is futile. The Bandits control the town and begin to loot everything!

"You will learn to FEAR, Chaco!!!" El Chaco shouts to no one in particular....

Townsfolk look on helplessly from their homes.

As the last shots are fired, one of the deputies rides off to fetch some help....everyone in town is hoping that he won't be too late!!! {Our story continues with "Buffalo Soldiers..."}

OUr Story Concludes on the next below.


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