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Fantasy Armies - part 2

Fantasy Armies - part 3

Fantasy Armies - part 4

Fantasy Armies-A Story in four parts

These are handpainted 25mm fantasy figures painted by Joe Carvalho for his son Michael. Some of these figures are "Warhammer" style miniatures but most are from a wide range of makers with a number of these figures the product of extensive conversions by Carvalho.

Our Story Begins.......

In this fantasy world, Christians, Jews, Muslims, elves, dwarfs, and Angels join forces to battle evil in the form of goblins, orcs, ogres, trolls, skeleton undead warriors, wraiths, rats, giant spiders, lizardmen, evil wizards, giant scorpions, flying vampire bats, wolf riders, fox riders, warthog riders, man-eating giants, snotlings, fire demons, zombies, beastmen, get the picture...real nasty creatures. Clearly it will take all of human kind to band together to defeat such powerful foes don't you think? Hopefully, they can put aside their earthly differences in order to defeat such an unearthly host of evil! (Background music - "Night on Bald Mountain" by Mussorgsky}.

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Recent Photos

At the throne of the Goblin King

Pitiful is the fate of the Slaves of the Goblin King! They must be freed!

The Goblin King summons his Goblin Goliath to lead his minions. He then commands them to join the evil Undead's Attack on the Holy City...before there is nothing left but bones.....

...and Dorothy and Toto thought THEY had problems?

"Maybe if they were just offered some sandwiches they will go away," Announced the City's Pacificist Committee Chairman. "They Look awfully hungry."

Evil spews forth from the temple of doom

The Good Wizard is summoned to the Holy City. His exotic guardmen escort him through perilous Goblin territory.

Evil Skeleton legions have "a bone to pick" with Humankind and advance to attack the City.

Forces of Good repel the Skeleton spider-riders..but will someone LOOK UP!!!!!

The Wizard's Caravan is ambushed, and his loyal guards are decimated by the Mercenaries of the Goblin King.

The Wizard's brave guards fight until the last man.....they were simply "Ogre-whelmed"!

Fearing that once captured, the forces of evil will use his magic against the Holy City....Rather than surrender, the Wizard chooses death at the hands of the Minotaur Mercenary Captain!

Meanwhile, the Black-widow Assassins attempt to sneak into the Holy City....Let's hope that the defenders don't have Arachnaphobia!

Do not despair, our story continues on the next page....{click on "Fantasy Armies- part 2"}