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The Call to Arms reaches all Human, Elven, and Dwarven communities....but the call also reaches into the darkest recesses....

With the Wizard dead, the inhabitants of the City must rely on their own resources. A Holy alliance of Humans, elves, and dwarves is formed, but so too is the axis of evil formed. The Forces of the Goblin and Skeleton Kings, demons, Ogre and Minotaur Mercenaries, and the many clans of the orc chieftains all converge on the Holy City for a battle of epic proportions. {Background music: selection "Hut of Baba Yaga"}.

Visitors to this page:

Jewish, Christian, and Muslim leaders forge a Holy Alliance with their Elven and Dwarven neighbors

A relief force is assembled

Dwarven technology provides the Alliance with a battlefield advantage.

Deciding to risk all in his quest to destroy the living, the Skeleton King leads his entire army against the Holy City.

Even the skies are filled with evil, as the Forces of Darkness descend on the City's outnumbered defenders.

Not to be left out of the spoils of war, the Orcish Chieftains empty their villages to join the evil attack

Sensing victory, the Goblin King even empties his dungeons to add to the levies of his growing army!

The view from the Battlements reveal the extent of the vast hordes of evil. The City's defenders desperately need help to repel such overwhelming numbers

A heroic Elven pegasus-rider flies off to summon reinforcements to the defense of the Holy City.

Although things seem desperate, there's our story continues on the next page {click on "Fantasy Armies - part 3}

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