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Human kind hangs in the Balance

The Forces of evil are thrown back, but they reform and attack again and again in a seemingly endless assault on the Holy City. {Background music: "Uranus: The Magician" by Gustav Holst}.

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Beyond the Walls of the Holy City

Sir Galahad meets MORE than his match!

Seige engines are assembled for the final assault on the City's walls.

The Goblin army employs huge slingshots to fling goblin "volunteers" over the City walls...(please don't ask me what happens when they land!)

Even the Trolls employ their own crudely-fashioned seige weapons. Primitive?....well, yes....Effective?...Absolutely!!!!

Arab warriors confront the charge of the bloodthirsty Lizardmen Dino-riders

Archers repulse the forces of Darkness

..I'll bet you think things couldn't get worse for the defenders...Think Again! The very earth opens up and Fire demons join the attack!!!

Knights of the Realm counter-charge!

You know, I can't this point, things could go either way...our story ends on the next page...cross your fingers for the good guys! {click on "Fantasy Armies - part 4"}

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